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Bill Sherman

Digital abstraction featuring dynamic bursts of form and color

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I create figurative, abstract and non-objective art featuring strong bursts of color combined with contemporary form.


Combining digital photography, digital painting, and acrylic media, Bill Sherman is pioneering new techniques to create abstract and non objective art based on the colors, forms, and designs of the southwest. Bill’s career long interest in sensory processes first as a behavioral scientist and then artist have led him to look at fine details of design around him instead of the normally perceived landscape. Tiny parts of buildings and objects, cracks in sidewalks, shadows on walls, and splashes of color are among the myriad of inspirations that begin his artistic process. An artwork may begin as a photograph or be entirely digitally painted. Each artwork is printed on on art paper or canvas using a professional printer with 12 archival pigment inks.  The print is then mounted on an art panel, then coated with UVLS preservative and multiple coats of acrylic medium. Finally,  the piece is coated with cold wax  Each piece is produced only once so the collector has a unique piece of art to treasure. This process ensures that the artwork will last for lifetimes.


Bill’s work has exhibited at Design Forum in Connecticut, Vermont Photoworks Gallery, and numerous locations in New Mexico including Neusbaumer gallery, the Center for Contemporary Art, Las Chivas Art, ViVo Contemporary Gallery in Santa Fe,  Johnson's gallery of Art in Madrid, New Mexico, and the Eldorado and Santa Fe Art Tours. Collectors in Connecticut, North Carolina, California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and New Mexico currently own works by Bill.  He is currently represented by Johnson's Gallery of Art. 

Selected work from 2015

Architecture 18" X 24"
Female Torso 18" X 24"
Into the Darkness 18" X 24"
Lady in Blue 16" X 20"
Lady in Green 18" X 24"
Ladies in Grey 18" X 24"
Dancing Lady 10.5" X 15"
In the Shadows 30" X 24"
Subserviance 24" X 30"
The View 20" X 16"
In the Studio 24" X 18"
Portrait of a lady 12" X 12"
The Sub 12" X 12"
On Grey 24" X 24"
Coming Together 30" X 24"
Squares 30" X 24"
Coming Together 30" X 24"



Select work from 2014




Selected work from 2013




Selectred work from 2012







Selected work from 2011

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