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Jovan Sherman

Jovan Sherman’s work holds a sense of the mysterious, some thing or place not quite defined, memories in shapes and colors common to most but still not quite familiar.  The surface itself is most compelling. "I am not interested in creating a realistic depth of field. The surface is where mark making comes into focus and can be subtle or concentrated, rugged or elegant.  I find myself attracted to cracks in concrete, peeling paint and anything that reveals an undersurface or reveals a trail of something from the past. These images of bits of decaying material filter down into stored memories and wait to be unearthed at just the right time as I create my work."   These ideas extend to the larger domain of the natural world and what is revealed when global forces create change.”The essence of places never seen by the naked eye but suddenly revealed either by natural forces or by my own imagination fascinates me endlessly.   Along with the interest in the physical change wrought by dynamic forces there are the resulting influences in the cultures that live there and must adapt to the changes created.   The need for water and other natural resources can be changed dramatically with environmental upheaval. The sense of loss in these cultures causes further cultural evolution including war.   This is the source of never ending interest and inspiration for me as an artist."

Recent Work by Jovan Sherman

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